Drilling Engineers

Drilling Engineers

Introductory and Entry Level Training to Oil and Gas Drilling, Indepth details and Job specific trainings for Oil & Gas Professionals, Extensive and Practical Training on Drilling & Well Completion Systems

Drilling Equipment Design and Stress Analysis

MPPS-IDED29 5 Days Intermediate

Drilling Equipment Selection

MPPS-IDES30 5 Days Intermediate

Stuck Pipe Prevention And Control with Fishing

MPPS-ISPC31 5 Days Intermediate

Well Planning Operations

MPPS-IWD33 5 Days Intermediate

Casing Design

MPPS-ICD35 5 Days Intermediate

Well Design

MPPS-AWD56 5 Days Advanced

Drilling Program Preparation

MPPS-ADPP57 5 Days Advanced

Drilling Well On Paper (DWOP)

MPPS-DWOP58 5 Days Advanced

Well Construction

MPPS-DEWC59 5 Days Advanced

Quality Management (Reporting)Systems

MPPS-AQMS60 5 Days Advanced