About Us

About us

Welcome to Matpatson

Matpatson is a Nigerian indigenous company set up fundamentally as a Well and drilling Engineering Consultancy organization. Whilst carrying out this function, competency Gaps were identified in this profession amongst the well site contractor staff and some short coming on the part of the representative operators.
Backed by the classroom and workshop training, we have been able to raise efficient drilling Supervisors, Drilling and Well Engineers who provide excellent Drilling and Well Engineering who now offer services to various clients in Nigeria and West African sub region.



Training is one of the key areas required to develop competent personnel and if the quality of the training content and delivery is correct, it enables personnel to improve their skills, knowledge of the operation and enable them to execute their duties and tasks to a standard of operational excellence.

Even with the latest technology available in the Oil and Gas industry, it is the competence of its personnel that directly affects an organizations reputation, safety and operational performance.

Why Choose us

“To develop a reservoir of indigenous Well Engineering Competencies, provide Technical, operational, and project management support and services to the oil and gas sector in Nigeria and the West African sub region and to develop sufficient drilling equipment supply chain capable of supporting a five-well program at all times”

Our Mission

We specialize in corporate training that builds teams, increase productivity, and ultimately makes you money. The key to our success? Our designers and developers are also our trainers. They know the material inside out and once it's deployed in the classroom they're the ones who modify and tweakit in response to your employees' feedback and needs.