About Us

MATPATSON in a Nigerian indigenous company incorporated in the year 2000 set up fundamentally as a Well and drilling Engineering Consultancy organization. Whilst carrying out this function, competency Gaps were identified in this profession amongst the well site contractor staff and some short coming on the part of the representative operators. MATPATSON from inception has grown its own staff by blending the traditional hands on Drillers and Drilling Supervisors staff with young Engineers in the field. Backed by the classroom and workshop training, MATPATSON has been able to raise efficient drilling Supervisors, Drilling and Well Engineers who provide excellent Drilling and Well Engineering who now offer services to various clients in Nigeria and West African sub region.

Conscious of the fact MATPATSON staff will necessarily work for or with other service providers and Company men during which conflicts that might arise resulting from various levels of proficiency, it was decided to extend the hand of proficiency training to all. This will help to achieve common knowledge and free expression, commonality of thoughts and ideas for achieving successful operation for the benefit of clients and the Country at large. The MATPATSON Well and Drilling Engineering Proficiency Training center is therefore set out to deal with these gaps.


Well and Drilling Engineering are generally misconstrued as one and the same. A well Engineer is not necessarily a Drilling Engineer and vis versa.  However, these two competencies can be acquired by one person if given the necessary training and exposure.

In the last 15 years in Nigeria emphasis has not been put on core well and drilling engineering competencies. Regrettably emphasis has been on the acquisition of IWCF as the minimum required managing a rig operation. Unfortunately, this is far from it. This has left the oil industry in Nigeria with various categories of people parading the oil field as drilling Supervisors and Company men with great financial costs to the companies and ultimately to the country. Well operation is complex, expensive with a lot of safety challenges. The understanding of the fundamental of each of these elements is core to a successful, cost effective and safe well operation.

The ultimate requirements of a Well and drilling Engineer is to execute well operation successfully are many and not limited to:

-  Basic knowledge of geology

-  Knowledge of well Engineering

-  Knowledge of drilling Engineering.

-  Supervisory skills

A Well Engineer is not necessarily a Drilling Engineer but good blend of these knowledge will make a very good Drilling Engineer.